Executive Coaches Available:CTM Surveys partners with some of the leading executive coaches in the private, public and non profit sectors. Please contact us and we will refer the appropriate coach based on the organization, the culture, and the development issues as well as other criteria, to establish the appropriate relationship.

1. Questions to Ask. This is one of our legacy surveys that provides benchmark readiness to launch a formal continuous quality improvement process. We have abbreviated versions of this survey that can be employed for reengineering, TQM, lean manufacturing and six sigma intervention processes.

2. Take a Pulse. This is a very simple yet effective narrative survey that measures the pulse of an organization across its human resources and leadership systems of an organization. Very effective data tool for team building and strategic planning processes.

3. Teamwork Evaluation. Simple peer review survey completed by the management team to measure perceptions across 8 dimensions of teamwork.

4. Management Team Best Practices. Original work by Larry Bienati and Lilia Garcia that measures a leadership team's effectiveness across 18 aspects of successful team membership. This is one of our more popular peer review surveys.

5. Organizational Effectiveness Survey. This is a legacy survey that CTM has used for over 20 years. It is modeled after many best practices. This is the complete pulse of an organization across all systems. This survey produces wonderful information to help an organization assess current systems when launching a visioning and strategic planning process.

6. Combo CQI/Organizational Survey. Builds on our successful organizational effectiveness surveys and overlays a continuous quality improvement measure on the analysis.

7. Best Place to Work.How does your organization compare to the Top 100 Best places to work in America?

8. Customer Service Survey. Sample survey employed in call center and customer service organizations.

9. Strategic Planning Template or Survey. This is an interactive survey employed as a precursor to gather ideas prior to a strategic planning intervention from management team members.

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