Our web based survey system allows you to choose a number of different report formats to best suit your needs. During the design phase of your survey system, CTM will work with you to determine how you would like your data presented. Here are portions of sample report format that are available to you. We have other configurations available.

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Organizational Survey Report Samples:

1. CQI Weight and Percent.
2. CQI Bar Graph
3. CQI Descriptive Statistics
4. CQI Favorable Unfavorable
5. CQI Narrative Questions
6. CQI Pie Chart
Organizational Effectiveness Survey Report Samples :

1. Organizational Bar Graph
2. Organizational Descriptive Statistics
3. Organizational Favorable Unfavorable
4. Organizational Weight and Percent
5. Organizational Pie Chart
6. Organizational Narrative Questions
Individual Survey Samples :

1. Upward Weight and Percent
2. Upward Bar Graph
3. Upward Descriptive Statistics
4. Upward Favorable Unfavorable
5. Upward Narrative Questions
6. Upward Pie Chart