Appendix D


The Strategic Planning Experience

A Team Exercise

By Dr. Larry Bienati


Your Expectations


Your feedback is critical in helping the facilitator develop a successful strategic plan for your organization. You will be asked to offer your input in framing the strategic plan. We ask that you answer each question and assume you are in the role of Director of your organization for this brief moment in time. Once you complete the questionnaire (names are optional) the facilitator will summarize the input of the participants. This input will then serve as a basis for developing the strategic plan during our scheduled retreat. Thanks in advance for your input. Return all questionnaires to:

______________________________________________________ Due Date: __________________




1.   Describe what your organization will look like in the next 3 to 5 years. Imagine that you have been asked to write an article for Fortune Magazine in the year 2008. Describe in 1 or 2 sentences what you stand for as an organization. Write a vision statement…








2.   What is the purpose of your organization? In a sentence why do you really exist?








3.   What financial targets is your organization accountable to obtain. Targets vary by organization. What should our targets be in the next three years? (This sectional may be optional and can be adapted to the financial metrics of the organization whatever they may be: budget, productivity, loss prevention?)


                                       Revenue                         Profit                              Budget



                    2005          ______                           ______                           ______

                    2006          ______                           ______                           ______



ã2000, 2005, To educate the World!

Strategic Planning Exercise

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4.   Core Values or Principles. It has been said that vision determines destination and values keep you on course. What values should your organization hold sacred in the way you perform your business. Values reflect the way you hire your people, treat each and do business with your customer. Identify at least 5 core values critical to your organizational success. Please use a sentence to define this value. If there is a way this value can be measured then please indicate the way to ensure “the talk is walked” in the organization. Remember that Enron had great values too on paper…capture the real soul of your firm and what makes you special.


For example: Integrity—we are reliable in meeting client commitments. We will measure this value by regular client satisfaction checks.


Strategic Planning Experience

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5.   The SWOT Analysis. Take a hard look at our current organization and answer the following questions:


Strengths—What we do we do best? What really revs our financial engine?











Weaknesses—where we need to improve?











Threats—Who are the competitors? What do they do well? What should we be worrying about?











Opportunities—Where is the potential for our organization in the next 3 years? (Use backside if necessary)










Strategic Planning Exercise

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6.   Strategic Building Blocks. You have just performed a gap analysis of the organization and you recognize that certain issues or processes need improvement if you intend to realize your vision, mission and stated financial objectives. The gap between where you are and where you want to be represent a possible building block. In theory, if you execute the building blocks (strategic objectives) well then your vision will hopefully be realized.


A.  Strategic Building block #1____________________________________


1.   Why Important?




2.   Key Action Steps (For each action step list the action to be taken and how it will be implemented or measured)






























Strategic Planning Exercise

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B.  Strategic Building Block #2 ____________________________________________________



1.   Why Important?



2.   Key Action Steps and Measurement















C.  Strategic Building Block #3____________________________________________________




1.   Why important?




2.   Key Action Steps and measurement….















Strategic Planning Exercise

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8.   Resources and Support Systems


Some strategic plans have more than 3 building blocks. Don’t feel limited.

What resources and support systems are necessary to achieve the plan?


















9.   What are the key obstacles that will prevent this organization from fully implementing this strategic plan. Be honest. How do we overcome these challenges?














10.        What are you passionate about? What could you be doing that you are not doing at this time in this company?








My level of commitment to achieving this plan: (Circle the response)


1 2345678910

(no desire)(skeptical)(Wait and see) (Committed) (blinding desire)