"I personally found the executive 360 degree process to be of significant value in my leadership of a biotechnology company. The feedback and counsel I received from my employees, colleagues and others helped us navigate the strategy of our organization. The workforce was engaged and this is important in our success. My thanks to Dr. Bienati and Ms. Garcia for their quality, technical support and responsive service."
Dr. Karoly Nikolich, Founder and CEO,
AGY Therapeutics, Inc.
"The Executive 360 degree process, along with other assessment tools from CTM, have been employed in our company of 2500 employees for the last 13 years. The tools and processes have had a profound effect on our company's succession planning process and our quest to become one of the legacy consulting engineering firms in the country."
Mr. Gerry Solantai,PE., CEO
Kleinfelder Group of Companies
"Many of the surveys we employed from CTM over the last 10 years were instrumental in helping us set an organizational strategy and develop our future leadership team. Our organization is passionate about serving our customer and we believe it all starts with an engaged, committed and participative workforce. Listening to our employees and customers need is a critical aspect of our business model."
Mr. Michael Dourgarian, General Manager
Manpower of Sacramento, California
"We are a non-profit organization. CTM surveys and the mentoring services of Dr. Bienati proved to be an effective feedback in workforce development. budget planning and the Board of Director development process."
Ms. Peggy Loar, Executive Director,
COPIA American Center for Wine, Food and the Arts
"CTM surveys was an excellent training and development self discovery tool for a management team in the City of Stockton.The survey results prompted a great deal of dialogue and introspection on behalf of the participants in the surveys."
Mr. Bob Brothers, Training Director,
City of Stockton