The purpose of this survey is to solicit your feedback on how effective the members of the Technical Support Team are meeting your needs. Our goal is to ask you questions that will assess our team member’s performance in relation to what we perceive to be your expectations of our services in the areas of vision, leadership, marketing, expertise and client service. Thank you in advance for taking the time to help us better service your needs.



Very Effective


Sometimes Effective

Not Effective

1.           Has finger on pulse of their practice segment

2.           Conveys a clear sense of purpose and direction of the __ services

3.           Identifies existing and emerging markets that are important for the firm to pursue in the future

4.           Offers fresh perspectives and/or breakthrough ideas to create value for Company X’s clients

5.           Systems thinker: identifies critical goals and success factors for business situations


6.           Assists _____ managers with assessments of their staff’s practice capabilities

7.           Respected for ability to coach, mentor and train staff in key practice areas

8.           Displays a supportive and encouraging style when coaching and developing staff

9.           Can adapt leadership style to the task, the person and the situation

10.         Nurtures a commitment to a common vision/shared values of the firm

11.         Models core values of the firm in style and execution

12.         Can attract high quality staff to work with the firm

13.         Challenges status quo thinking and assumptions, as appropriate

14.         Knows how to get things done in a complex, multi-level organization

15.         Creatively integrates different ideas and perspectives when working with staff

16.         Places organizational goals above individual gain

17.         Conveys a commitment to understanding what is best for employees, shareholders and clients

18.         Flexible in maintaining a composed, constructive outlook in dealing with challenges

19.         Results oriented; strong desire to achieve goals

20.         Educates regional, office and project managers as to the value of the


21.         Provides valuable input into the development of new practice markets

22.         Creates a comfort zone for Company X’s clients in their ability to tackle any challenge resulting from the proposed projects

23.         Eager and flexible in assisting the firm’s technical support efforts

24.         Effective at engaging clients and winning work

25.         Delivers clear and well organized presentations

26.         Projects credible image and is persuasive




Very Effective


Sometimes Effective

Not Effective

27.         Possesses experience, maturity and expertise essential to firm’s business interests

28.         Provides competitive technical advantage in obtaining and executing work

29.         Appears to stay ahead of the technical learning curve for their profession; presents papers, introduces new technologies;

30.         Provides valuable, cost effective consultation to projects

31.         Helpful in addressing opportunistic or problematic situations

32.         When called on to address a difficult situation, takes responsibility of the situation and properly represents the office owning the project to the project client

33.         Respected outside the firm for capabilities and leadership contributions

34.         Relates well to people at all levels of the firm

35.         Promotes collaboration and teamwork at all levels of the firm

36.         Expresses ideas clearly, concisely and listens to the input of others

37.         Commands respect and is viewed as a mentor





1.  How effective is this individual in delivering on the mission and having a firm-wide, positive impact on Company X?





2.   Have you used this ____member in the last year? □ Yes □ No


 Do you plan to use this individual in the future? □ Yes □ No





3.   Why would you choose to use or not use this individual in the future?





4.  What do appreciate about working with this ____ member? How has he/she added value to your project/organization?





5.  How can this ____member improve his/her effectiveness in better serving your needs?





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