Listed below are questions when evaluating the effectiveness of your supervisor’s leadership style. Please take a couple of minutes and complete the survey. All surveys will be destroyed and your manager will receive a brief report on ways to improve his/her leadership style. Thanks for your input.


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1.          Treats everyone with respect, regardless of title or position.

2.          Sets and communicates clear standards and expectations.

3.          Communicates the reason for decisions in a positive manner.

4.          Gives me the information I need to do my job.

5.          Involves employees in solving problems, making decisions.

6.          Encourages employees to think and act on their own.

7.          Makes sure that employees receive routine formal and informal feedback on their performance.

8.          Encourages two-way communication by seeking input from others.

9.          Treats everyone equally regardless of age, sex, race, religion, disability, or any other non-job related factors.

10.        Provides timely, honest and constructive feedback.

11.        Acts as a role model for providing superior service.

12.        Has as much concern for quality and service as productivity.

13.        Listens and responds to employee’s concerns.

14.        Provides recognition for a job well done.

15.        Encourages teamwork and commitment among employees.

16.        Is approachable and available to employees and customers.

17.        Provides constructive criticism in private.

18.        Shows pride in working for the organization and a positive attitude towards his/her job.

19.        Is ethical and reliable in meeting commitments.

20.        Is concerned about me as a person.


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To improve effectiveness, my supervisor should….




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