Our Value Proposition to You

At CTM Surveys we will not waver on the following value propositions:

•We are certified in testing, coaching and data administration and equipped to deliver standard templates as well as tailored individual and organizational surveys to meet the needs of your organization.

•We provide flexibility to design and administer a survey unique to your needs through our ctmsurveys.com web administration model.

•We provide responsive customer service and appropriate technical and legal advice.

•We appreciate the power of the World Wide Web, yet still believe in the human touch for questions, access and customer needs.

•We offer fair pricing structures conducive to your organizational size and budget limitations.

•We offer the client the power of choice in survey design including paper and pencil surveys, narrative augmentations, e-mail survey templates and web based administration models.

•We maintain the highest degree of confidentiality, integrity and proper discretion in our handling of customer needs and respondant data.

•We provide accurate and responsive data collection processes.

•We provide staff resources, executive coaches and other support personnel for data analysis and interpretation.

•We care and believe that through the power of feedback and listening, we all create a better society. As such, we devote 5% of all profits to worthwhile and responsible non-profit foundations.