The Best Practices of Legacy Organizations

We find in our consulting and teaching practice a common characteristic among legacy organizations in the private, public and not for profit sectors. These organizations are passionate, almost obsessive, in their quest to listen to and engage employees, customers and key stakeholders. They all share other common beliefs through:

•Recognizing that communication is a “conversation” in which upward, downward and external systems provide access to key decision makers and create a successful, participative management structure.

•Providing continual feedback systems that create a comfort zone for the authentic voice of the organization to be heard.

•Confronting the truth and dealing with issues directly as they surface.

•Making course adjustments to processes and systems based on data received.

•Recognizing the best leaders set the example, inspire and appreciate the human side of employee relations. The most important ingredient to this leadership equation is employee and customer engagement and “walking the walk”.

•Recognizing that success in any business strategy is about aligning the vision, mission, values and goals of the organization with a measurement system all stakeholders can understand and apply.